Thankful For Experience

I feel as though I must justify that I count as someone who can say that they’ve done enough traveling to write a blog about it. Therefore, I’ll start by giving you a brief summary of where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

I started traveling in a major way, meaning I left my home country of America, when I left to go to Haiti after my senior year of high school. Soon after that I traveled to big cities like Toronto and Chicago, to then make it back to Haiti for full year of living there. Amongst this year I often came back to America to the great city of Philadelphia where I would spend time away from Haiti so that I could return for another extended amount of time. I currently reside in the state of Florida, in a small homey town called Sebring.

I say all of this so that you know that I’m not some random guy who has went on one trip out of the country and has deemed it worthy of a blog. I’m just a guy who has went on four or five trips and deemed it worthy for a blog. The time I’ve traveled is not of importance though. The reason I’m writing is to share what I’ve learned from my small amount of traveling.

Thankful For Purpose

Are you wanting to experience how big our God truly is? Then travel.

I believe God’s creation speaks for himself wherever we are, but if you are lacking to see that his hand is over everyone in the world, then visit the foreign country where you don’t speak their language. Language alone taught me how much bigger God is. I know one language and God knows them all; thanks for translators! Though I am thankful for translators and the way God has gifted them, that’s not why i’m thankful for traveling.

Traveling creates thankfulness for God. Thankfulness is created for him in the stand-alone fact that wherever you are, you are worshipping the one true God. Just think about that. The twenty-year-old guy living in Haiti is praying to the same God every morning that you are. God’s character doesn’t change when you are in different places. Could you imagine if it did though? “Oh yeah, you guys hear about how God is rude in Kenya? Over emotional in California? Fast-paced in New York? Loud and always yelling in Haiti? And just nice too everyone in Disney World?”

If God isn’t constant in his character everywhere we go, how can we trust that he is the one true God and not a thousand different ones?

God is Constant

Because our God is constantly loving and just, we can trust in him wherever we go. And trust me guys, that is something to be beyond thankful for. When you are in an unfamiliar place and you feel like you have no-one, you remember that you have the same God that walked with you in your comfortable home that you do in wherever the Lord has placed you. Knowing that God is the same wherever we are should generate an overwhelming thankfulness for him and willingness to say, “God, I will follow you, wherever you call.”

“Be still, and know that I am God” 

Psalm 46:10 (NIV)

Guys, I hope that you travel and get to experience the world and all of the beauty that is in it! But more than that, I hope that you travel in confidence and gratitude that you have a constant God who walks with you to do it!

Happy traveling guys, I look forward to maybe seeing you wherever I’ll be in the world with God.

For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.”

Malachi 3:6 (ESV)