Experience Teams

What many call ‘missions trips,’ we call Experience Teams. These experience teams are never the same. Though, sometimes the same people come on these trips. Sometimes we have the same translators, the same destinations in Haiti, and more often than not, we eat a lot of rice, beans and chicken for dinner.

Through the similarities from team to team, week to week, each encompasses a slightly different vision and focus throughout the week, depending on the needs of that particular church’s partner church in Haiti.

A few weeks ago, Community of Hope, a team from a small town in Indiana, got to spend handfuls of beautiful time with their partner church in Cabaret, Haiti.

One of Pastor Jackson’s Dreams

Jackson, the Haitian pastor in this area has had a dream of starting sewing classes. Invited by their partner pastor, this Indiana team was able to come in and share some basic sewing 101 to get people started. They worked alongside one another learning, laughing, and building relationships. At the conclusion of the days class, one of the young, Haitian men shared his excitement in now being able to go home and fix pieces of his own clothing that have ripped.

If there is one thing I have seen come true as I’ve been serving in Haiti is that, as churches grow, so do dreams. Jackson’s Cabaret church has been established for a number of years, has consistent members, discipleship, a second church plant, and continues to walk towards health and growth. If one of the ways to reach those in the community is by offering sewing classes – then let it be! If it is a pastor starting a school, then let it be! If it is worship nights, bible studies, or youth functions, then let it be!

As churches grow in health and as a body of believers, there is only one way the church can go -deeper and wider, and I am grateful to see such a wonderful picture of this through Community of Hopes partnership in Cabaret.

Pray with us for Pastor Jackson’s church and the dreams he has to better reach his community and love on his church!