Building Relationships On Purpose

The stereotypical thought that comes to one’s mind when they hear the word “relationship” is a romantic-y, exclusive, partnership between two people. And for the most part, that’s what it is. But what about the friendship you built with that sandwich shop worker you see once a week? Or that uncanny bond you made with that librarian who just so happened to be reading the same novel as you for the last month? Or that custodian you pass four times a day, five times a week, going to class, but have never said a word too? What about those platonic relationships that you don’t even realize have significance, until they’re gone?

In today’s day and age, it often seems as if more people have deep, meaningful relationships with their phone or laptop than their own family. It’s a hard balance trying to figure out how to stay connected to the world and to the ever fast paced changing culture, while being still with where we’re at. With simply stopping and enjoying what’s right in front of us. We have endorphins in our mind that tell us that our online friends are going to last, but in reality, we can be blocked within seconds, never to be talked to again.

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Relational Opportunity

But, what if we started prioritizing and appreciating the significant opportunity to establish real relationships to the people physically right around us? The impact of an intentional, divine, and purposeful companionship between two or more people overflows in influence. People who make it a priority to gather often and celebrate life… not through sending an iMessage with confetti and balloon emojis… but through genuine and authentic community with one another, get to enjoy real relationships.

Now picture all of that goodness between two believers, both striving after the same goal, in close fellowship with one another and God. When you are intentional and purposeful, over the course of a few months, getting the same plain Jane sandwich every week with the same monotone deli employee could become a fruitful relationship with a unity only developed by Christ. All because you made the effort to start a conversation asking about their holiday vacation. It’s not a guarantee friendship every time. But, over time, and God willing, a bond and relationship could be formed and established for the Kingdom. And I think that’s one of our main goals as followers of Christ; to treat one another as Jesus treated others. To display that love, companionship, and joy that makes people question “why we’re so happy” type of joy. All with community, fellowship, and in relations with fellow Brothers and Sisters in and through Christ alone.