We are PILGRIM’s who journey to sacred places for spiritual reasons.  We are on a spiritual quest in pursuit of a beautiful future as we explore and experience life today.

We are WISDOM HUNTER’s in search of sound judgment that will help guide our actions and decisions.  The journey begins and ends with character and integrity.

We are VISIONARY ARCHITECT’s who believe vision is a fully painted picture that produces passion in you and in those around you.  It includes 3 PHASES: Building the Framework, Stretching the Canvas, Painting and Creating the Tapestry.  We assist in the integrity and design of system, strategy and structures.

We are RIGHTEOUSLY RADICAL in pursuit of becoming more like Jesus.  We are declared righteous even though experientially we are fellow strugglers.  We are thought leaders who think outside of the box.  We are misfits committed to an extreme way of living. We are advocates for change.

The mission of Jesus is the Church.  We are not talking about buildings and programs.  We are talking about a community of believers on a hunt for wisdom and pilgrims on an adventure to explore God’s creation and live out our purpose in our generation.  Our goal is for every member to be on mission.   We are committed to loving God and loving people in that order.  We embrace a presence of belonging before believing.  We are more concerned about where you are going than where you have been.

Dan O’Deens

Founder and Executive Director

Dan is a visionary architect. He understands leadership, mission and church health. He is committed to developing young leaders and equipping and empowering the church to be healthy through intentional disciple-making and equipping every member to be on mission.

Dan is a highly engaging, passionate, biblically trustworthy, and culturally relevant communicator. He will shake you up and motivate your people to embrace God’s movement while helping you achieve healthy and dynamic growth.

I am married to Gay O and I am Dan O and together we are Go and Do!   We have four adult children and 7 grandchildren.  We are so grateful that our children all love Jesus and all are serving Jesus through the local Church!

The mission of Jesus is the Church.  There is nothing more important to Dan than to see a healthy church who is mobilizing their members to be on mission.  When a church is healthy it naturally multiplies.  Dan loves to come along side church leaders to help them reach their goals.

Dan is the Pastor of Mobilization Pastor for Gateway Church. He is responsible for personal, local and global mission. The goal is to mobilize every ordinary member to be on mission. He is a part of the Global PEACE Team for Saddleback Church.

“As long as you are breathing there is a purpose for your life.  God gave you breath so that you could breathe that life into others.  BREATHING LIFE TODAY BRINGS A BEAUTIFUL FUTURE TOMORROW.  We were created to breathe life and hope into our world.”