Dan is a passionate communicator on a variety of subjects ranging from movement, implementation, and execution, church planting and health, methods of ministry, visionary leadership, purpose driven and PEACE and being on mission. Dan is highly engaging, biblically trustworthy, and culturally relevant. He has experience in both large and small settings.


Dan is a published author and regular blogger.


Does your Christianity leave you tired, defeated and feeling spiritually ‘out of shape?’ Spend your time and energy in training yourself for spiritual fitness. (1 Timothy 4:7,8).

Dan O’Deens has observed spiritual formation and fitness for most of his life.  As an athlete, a father of 4 and a pastor, he has observed and collected insights that we all need to experience to stay spiritually fit. You might be a new follower of Christ who looking for a spiritual regiment that will make you strong in your faith or a veteran Christian who is in a slump and you are looking to get back to the basics to get your game strong again.   O’Deens will provide you with resources and structures that will help you develop the ABS of Faith that you have been longing for!


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