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Hey friends! My name is Brooke, a flannel-wearing, people lovin’, Jesus freak who is in her third year of Compassion Corp. My love for traveling to assist in different natural disasters led God to asking me the “what if” of living in Haiti. In my three years, the Lord has allowed me to begin a growing evangelical movement called Young Lights, existing to reach the youth in Haiti in the name of Jesus. I am currently working alongside the (now seven) passionate Haitian Young Lights leaders in their ministry and also taking up the position of Compassion Corp Assistant. We have been praying for a fruitful year and we are confident that God will continue to blow us away by His ever-lasting presence and glory. I would absolutely adore for you to follow my personal journey!

Pastor Jackson’s Dream of Sewing Classes

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Experience Teams What many call 'missions trips,' we call Experience Teams. These experience teams are never the same. Though, sometimes the same people come on these trips. Sometimes we have the same translators, the same destinations in Haiti, and more often than not, we eat a lot of rice, beans and chicken for dinner. Through [...]

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Thankfulness in the Suffering

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Seeking To Solve The Suffering When I first visited Haiti I was struck by how different this country was than the one I had made home in all 19 of my years at the time. The people were different, homes were different, food was different, even the smell was somehow different. After getting to know [...]

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Where Can I Travel With Purpose?

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Our Purpose Behind Traveling Having the ability to travel with purpose simply involves asking ourselves one question... “What is my desire?” As Christians, if we claim to believe in the expansion of the Gospel, and intend to go somewhere with purpose, our desire must be to follow His call and go, wherever it is He [...]

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What Can I Do to Help Haiti?

By |2018-10-09T12:37:58+00:00October 8th, 2018|Missions, Worldview|

Helping The Ones That Stay Past Our Time Here When I think of how we, as foreigners, can help Haiti, many answers come to mind. Firstly, I begin to brainstorm all the ways we can help the country that is known as the ‘poorest in the western hemisphere’. Well, maybe we can build then. Hand [...]

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Can I Study Abroad And Earn My Degree Online?

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Dropping Out of College I dropped out of college to move to Haiti. I never had anticipated doing anything else but getting my degree my entire life, but ironically, sitting in a classroom was never my cup of tea. Dropping out of college should have been a harder decision. But for a gal who doesn’t [...]

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How Can My Church Partner With Haiti On Mission?

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Haiti I have lived in Cabaret, Haiti with Breathe Partners for about three years. I have fallen in love with a language that, years ago, use to sound like static to my ears. I have learned a plethora of similarities and differences of the Haitian culture that never fails to amaze me. Three years is [...]

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The Lodestar

By |2018-06-13T21:08:45+00:00January 19th, 2018|Leadership Development, Worldview|

The boat of my life thrashes through the waves, the bottom of the sea pleading to pull me down. It's as if the darkness of the waters will move on forever, and even the realization that land exists somewhere slips my mind. What is land when the bellowing waters exist before me in a way [...]

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Not a Happy Ending

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As we sat in the shade, enjoying unhurried gulps of water, we felt the flutter of excitement in our hearts as we came to a closing of a passion-filled conversation. We sat on our tiled steps outside my screened bedroom windows, with eagerness from our renewed remembrance of His power, the things we ourselves have experienced, [...]

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The Woman I was hearing talk around the community about a woman I adore who I hadn’t seen in a few weeks that is now “kokobè”. This Kreyol word means handicapped. The woman that broke my heart in 2015, who even in her old age, decided to care for her orphaned granddaughter. With this young, spunky [...]

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Are You Longing For Relationship?

By |2018-06-14T15:38:54+00:00November 22nd, 2017|Leadership Development|

I love, love. I’m talking about the kind of love that awakes you out of the depths of your sleep, simple thoughts of moments shared with them warming your heart. A love that causes you to travel miles upon miles just to spend a short amount of time with them. Love that causes you to [...]

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