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I am a visionary architect who is passionate about seeing dreams realized and implemented so that together we can better our world physically and spiritually. I get excited about leadership development and seeing the church multiplied as people embrace their creative side and breathe life and hope into their world. There is nothing that motivates me more than serving the young, the lost, the poor and the elderly. I have been serving the Lord full-time for over 35 years. I consider myself a ‘life coach.’ For many years I was on the playing pitch. My role today is to train and invest in the next wave of ‘players’ who are serious about winning. My team runs to ‘win’…to win the prize of knowing that we embraced the high calling of God. To serve him with all that we have and give him all the glory. I have been privileged to serve God as a youth pastor, school administrator, church planter, lead pastor, mission director, business owner, crisis and catastrophe director and college professor. That God chooses to use me to direct our amazing team blows me away. I love my job!

Growing Small

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Growing Small If you know me, I am a visionary architect with big dreams and strong work ethic.  He gave me an amazing wife and teammate.  GayO and DanO...Go and Do!  The Lord allowed us to start a ‘successful’ church, a ‘successful not for profit organization’ and a ‘successful’ model for equipping and unleashing the [...]

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Haiti Prayer Guide 31 Days...31 Ways To Pray Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, O LORD our God, for we rely on you and it is in Your Name we care for your children in Haiti. Thank You for the gifts of Your word and [...]



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HAITI’s HOPE.... Healing through Humility and Prayer Thank you for trusting and obeying the command of Jesus to GO into ALL the world to make disciples.   Is mission safe?   We have a real enemy.   He is not happy with your obedience to GO.  We should. We MUST.  If we have nothing worth dying for then we [...]

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2019 Life Planner

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            2019 Ministry and Mission Action Plan  Ministry/Mission Action Plan  /   the "6 x6 x6" M.A.P. By Dan O’Deens  Goals:  What are you dreams and aspirations for 2019?   If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.  Please use this tool to help you make the impact God desires for you.   You were [...]

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Breathe Is Thankful For Your Partnership

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THANKFUL In The 'Little Things' I am always humbled by the simple and little things. Too many times we are enamored with the big gift and the expensive presents. The older I get, the more aware of how small things can make significant change in the world. Tiny things added together can be multiplied to [...]

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TRUSIMS ABOUT LIFE…TAKE A LOOK!  BREATHE LIFE By Dan O’Deens   We don’t know when we will breathe our last breath   It is appointed unto every man to die.  Live your life today as though it were your last.   We don’t know when those we love will breathe their last breath   There [...]


How Do I Measure My Church’s Health?

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Measuring Health The truest measurement of any church or organization is when healthy relationships exist within and outside of its walls. (Click to Tweet) Life is meant to be lived with others in community and on mission. When the church embraces LOVE and sees people as first made in God’s image and likeness rather than [...]

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Purpose Driven and P.E.A.C.E. Movements in Haiti or Philadelphia

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As a Pastor I longed for a healthy process to see Joe Pagan turn into Holy Joe.  All of us are committed to the biblical mandate to make disciples, but I have found few that are willing to develop a system to get people to make the necessary commitments to get where they desire. There [...]

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MINISTRY CAN ANNOY OR BRING JOY by Dan O'Deens   September 18, 2018 Ministry is capable of sapping the passion from your soul. Ministry can steal the joy of serving others.  Ministry can turn the optimist into a pessimist.  Ministry can leave you isolated rather than relationally whole. How can this be? Empty what is full. Fill what [...]


7 Well Intentioned Dragons That Will Destroy You and Your Mission

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Ministry DEPRESSION is real! Mission can suck the life out of you. There are well intentioned dragons in all of our lives. Maybe it’s not life that sucks!  Maybe it’s the people we allow into our lives that suck! Who is breathing life into you?  Will you allow the Breath of Life to come to [...]

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