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My name is Gabrielle Draper I am the momma of our family here at Breathe. I not only have 3 of my own little princesses but I get to oversee the mothership at Breathe as the Admin Assistant and Experience Director. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of Breathe since its first breath in 2010 and it has simply been awesome to see how God has worked in these many years. It began on my first trip and then volunteering to help run teams and do the logistics and planning in our office. As we grew God called me to step out of a comfort zone in my financially stable job to be in our office as a full-time missionary. Man, when we listen, obey and GO when Jesus calls the joy and blessing that follows takes your breath away. If you have any questions and would like to learn more about Breathe or would like to follow me and support me on this Journey you can follow me below.

How Can My Church Serve The Poor?

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POVERTY: The state of those lacking the necessary (or socially acceptable) amount of money or material possessions. Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil says, “The definition of poverty is in three levels: 1.Poverty is the state of your mind. 2. Poverty is the state of your spirit. 3. Poverty is financial mismanagement.” Imagine... Imagine waking up and [...]

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What Does It Cost To Go On An Experience Trip?

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Invest In An Experience Trip I know it would be really easy to just simply tell you the cost, financially to go on an experience trip, but it is more than a financial commitment... it’s an investment. The investment you will make to obey what God has asked of us in Matthew 28: 19-20 to [...]

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What will you do on an Experience Team?

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While serving alongside Breathe Partners on an experience team, you will have an opportunity to multiply the church by making disciples who make disciples. You will also have the opportunity to invest in developing young leaders as we empower them and send them out. RELATIONSHIP building will be a critical component to each day. Your [...]

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