Are You Longing For Relationship?

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I love, love. I’m talking about the kind of love that awakes you out of the depths of your sleep, simple thoughts of moments shared with them warming your heart. A love that causes you to travel miles upon miles just to spend a short amount of time with them. Love that causes you to [...]

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Thank You Supporters!

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“Moses’ arms soon became so tired he could no longer hold them up. So Aaron and Hur found a stone for him to sit on. Then they stood on each side of Moses, holding up his hands. So his hands held steady until sunset” Exodus 17:12 Thank You!  I read this and I automatically think [...]

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Leader – Do You Need Replenished?

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Exhausted Leader The days are whizzing by and it can feel like wheels are spinning constantly. I've thought it and I've heard it processed – the idea that the mission we come with feels so far. Especially for a leader, who quickly moves from being mobilized to being the mobilizer. What happened to those dust [...]

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Experience A Trip To Haiti for Growth

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Dear Upcoming Haiti Team Member, I am writing to you to explain the purpose to which I hope we can accomplish on your week trip here in Haiti. My main purpose is to grow you spiritually, from Point A to Point B through what the bible already tells us to exemplify. I do this because [...]

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Transistor Radio

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Zero In The Dial When was the last time you played with a transistor radio? God, to me, has been like an old school FM radio recently. I continually turn the knobs and dials, getting sporadic reception, while trying to find that station. When you really want to hear the music, your hand works with [...]

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For The Love Of The Game

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The Final Whistle... Last November, when the buzzer sounded as the clock hit zero, my thought as I walked off of the turf field was that soccer was over. This reality broke my heart. The sport that I played since I was a little girl all the way through college would no longer be a [...]

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Slow Down, Be Thankful

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The Sun Rise This morning as I watched the sun rise over the mountains in the beautiful country that I get to call home I was overwhelmed with thankfulness. Before moving to Haiti, I had no idea how blessed I was (and still am). I realized how many things I took for granted and never [...]

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“Son of Man, can these bones live?”

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A Valley of Dry Bones Often when I drive down the street, or walk through the neighborhoods, I feel as if I am in a live scene of "The Walking Dead." So many people are meandering through life in these empty shells called bodies, defeated and captive to the brokenness that surrounds them. I am reminded of Ezekiel [...]

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Moments of Uncertainty

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Uncertainty... Maybe it is the discomfort of being a minority that encourages these moments where I am uncertain of what to do. What to say. Where to go. And, how to express myself. Maybe it is nothing more than a displacement of my heart from God and a part of His redeeming me to Himself. [...]

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The Walk of Many Orevwa’s

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59. Friendships, experiences, tears, joy, fear, baptisms, growth, and finally, time. This figure symbolizes much to me. Could you guess it? This is the number of people that I have lived with since starting this life with Breathe. Other than my faithful friend Stephanie, who has more years here in Haiti than I do, this [...]

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