Breathe Community

“Listening is paying full attention to others and welcoming them into our very beings. Listening is a form of spiritual hospitality by which you invite strangers to become friends, to get to know their inner selves more fully, and even to dare to be silent with you.” – Henri Nouwan

As ‘pilgrims’ on a hunt for wisdom, we journey together in pursuit of the Beautiful One. This is a community where belonging is fully realized even before believing.  The hope is that somewhere on your pilgrimage you will come face to face with the one who created you to ‘breathe life’ and then you will have reached the Summit.  You will become a child of the Most High God and you will get to experience the Beautiful One every day as you live in the Beautiful Future.

Toward The Summit

God is more interested in where you are going than where you have been.

On the journey we want to get to the summit, but the summit is not a destination, it is the space where we find a relationship with the author of peace, hope and love.  The beautiful future is living in the presence of The Beautiful One TODAY for ‘tomorrow’ never comes.  In Him we live and move and have our being. – Acts 17:28

No one should journey and climb alone.  We were created for fellowship and belonging, we are better together.  Welcome Pilgrim to this beautiful adventure as we explore and experience relationship with true Wisdom and the Beautiful One.

The future belongs to those whose dreams are awakened, to those who work hard in the flesh and rely harder on the Spirit of The Beautiful One.  Breathe on us Beautiful One and give us life.



  • The Great Commandment

We will love God and love people…in that order

  • The Great Commission

We will make disciples on purpose through intentional relationships

  • The Great Requirement

We will act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with the Beautiful One

We are creatives and difference-makers who want to change our world.  We are learners before leaders.  We believe in young leaders.  We want to see a healthy church multiplied.  We long for authentic, relevant and creative biblical community.  We are a community doing ‘life on life,’ ‘life in community’ and ‘life on mission.’

In this ‘organic movement of God,’ known as the Church, we plant the seed.   The seed is Jesus (the Beautiful One), not a building or a program.  We water, GOD Grows!  We don’t plant churches, we plant Jesus!

Breathe Communities are strategic.   We focus on Neighborhoods, Nations  (7 Continents) and Now generation leaders. “N-37” (37 Brand Logo/Verses)

Making the Main Thing the Main Thing….And the Main Thing is RELATIONSHIPS:
Relational approach
Laughter and celebration
Transformational not transactional
Inspire, Inform, Involve partners
Outreach oriented
Notice and reward others when they do well
Spiritual growth (be a doer of the Word)
Homelike (we are a family)
Intentionally working ‘through’ the local Church
Promote reconciliation
Strategic Follow Up and Coaching

Summit Gatherings

  • Online Cohorts (digital church)
  • Welcome HOME (home church)
  • BREATHE Gatherings – (corporate celebrations)

Spiritual HEALTH and FAMILY is the Goal of Breathe Community

  1. Decentralized – No one person is the gateway keeper. Each community and person is the gateway that God has chosen to use for people to come into a relationship with Jesus.
  2. Open-ended outcomes – (creativity and innovation) – Let the Spirit of God MOVE
  3. Goals – Personal ownership and responsibility to their relationship with Jesus the head of the Church and other believers, the body of Christ. Relationship is key!
  4. Processes are both descriptive and prescriptive – We provide a ‘trail guide’ to the summit and toward the Beautiful One. We let each pilgrim figure out HOW to get there.  We don’t answer ‘all’ their questions, we learn to ask questions that help our fellow sojourner’s figure it out.  The Spirit of God teaches each disciple and together we learn from one another.
  5. Authentic Community – Digital Cohorts, Home Gatherings, Corporate Celebrations and Personal/Local/Global Community Service and Mission.

Compassion Corp Outreach

An army of volunteers who believe that having something to die for gives us something to live for.  We are ready to fight the social injustices in our world.

  • E.A.C.E. – Every Pilgrim On Mission
  • H.A.P.E. – Shaped to Serve
  • Social Injustice – Justice Is Redemption
  • ..Dare…Do…Disrupt…BREATHE LIFE


Disaster Emergency Services.  Breathe is committed to mobilize the Church to care for those affected by Crisis and Catastrophe.  We ‘merge’ the Church with Disaster Services through the ‘relief’ phase of the disaster.