What The Corona Virus Is Teaching The Church

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BIBLICAL COMMUNITY and MISSION What The Corona Virus Is Teaching The Church Dan O’Deens  /  May 25, 2020 “Not Giving Up Meeting Together” - HEBREWS 10:25 (In Context) v.19  ‘brothers and sisters, we have confidence to enter the Most Holy place by the blood of Jesus’ When Jesus breathed his last and said it is [...]

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The Urgency For You

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Season of Division If you were to turn in your Bible to the books of Samuel and Kings you would read about a period of almost 500 years when the nations Israel and Judah were struggling with a disobedience that led to an incredible missed opportunity that altered the future of the nations. They split [...]

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Worship is NOT Music

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Worship is NOT Music If you have gone to church just once in your life, you would probably know quickly that churches sing songs. As a church body, we sing to God declaring how ​worthy​ He is of all our praise. This is good... However, if we are not taught correctly, we will end up [...]

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Growing Small

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Growing Small If you know me, I am a visionary architect with big dreams and strong work ethic.  He gave me an amazing wife and teammate.  GayO and DanO...Go and Do!  The Lord allowed us to start a ‘successful’ church, a ‘successful not for profit organization’ and a ‘successful’ model for equipping and unleashing the [...]

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Pastor Jackson’s Dream of Sewing Classes

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Experience Teams What many call 'missions trips,' we call Experience Teams. These experience teams are never the same. Though, sometimes the same people come on these trips. Sometimes we have the same translators, the same destinations in Haiti, and more often than not, we eat a lot of rice, beans and chicken for dinner. Through [...]

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10 KEY Elements of Effective Leadership

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Sacrificial Leadership Effective leadership starts with sacrifice. In Romans 12, Paul writes about offering ourselves as a ​living sacrifice​ to God. Paul says it clearly in Romans 12:1, “And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you ​to give your bodies to God​ because of all he has done for you. Let them be [...]

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Is The Church Doing What We Are Supposed To?

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Setting Goals We’ve all done it before. We go into the new year with big hopes and dreams and with new goals, and then we fail to actually follow through and DO what we intended. The reason is simple. We forget and fail to pray and plan! Planning is critical. Prayer is essential! Those with [...]

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Building Up Your Ministry Teams with Gratitude

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Did You Fill The Engine With Gratitude? Ministry cannot and should not happen without praise - it is supposed to be a form of worship in and of itself, an overflow of thanks and action in response to the love of Christ! So, if we are not praising…there may be a “check engine” light on [...]

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