How Do We Change A Broken System?

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How Do We Change A Broken System?  Repentance to Redemption to Relationship ‘A Look At The Life Of The Apostle Paul’ Dan O’Deens – Reflections on June 12, 2020 Well, it starts with me.  Search me O God, and know my heart, see if there be any wicked way in me.  Eugene Peterson says it [...]

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What The Corona Virus Is Teaching The Church

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BIBLICAL COMMUNITY and MISSION What The Corona Virus Is Teaching The Church Dan O’Deens  /  May 25, 2020 “Not Giving Up Meeting Together” - HEBREWS 10:25 (In Context) v.19  ‘brothers and sisters, we have confidence to enter the Most Holy place by the blood of Jesus’ When Jesus breathed his last and said it is [...]

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The Urgency For You

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Season of Division If you were to turn in your Bible to the books of Samuel and Kings you would read about a period of almost 500 years when the nations Israel and Judah were struggling with a disobedience that led to an incredible missed opportunity that altered the future of the nations. They split [...]

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Thankfulness in the Suffering

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Seeking To Solve The Suffering When I first visited Haiti I was struck by how different this country was than the one I had made home in all 19 of my years at the time. The people were different, homes were different, food was different, even the smell was somehow different. After getting to know [...]

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Is Thanksgiving Still Relevant?

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What is the Story of Thanksgiving? Most of us live in a free world. By definition we are able to act as we wish to and aren't restricted by much. It can be easy to feel trapped or less than free in today's society, but objectively we have a freedom that many will never have [...]

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Does Traveling Create Thankfulness?

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Thankful For Experience I feel as though I must justify that I count as someone who can say that they’ve done enough traveling to write a blog about it. Therefore, I’ll start by giving you a brief summary of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. I started traveling in a major way, meaning I [...]

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How Should Disciples Be Content In Any Circumstance?

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God Provides For Your NEEDS So many times we plead for God to give us our desires while he is busy caring for our needs. Then we get confused as to why God didn’t give us what we asked for. And, we use God as a punching bag for not giving us our desires. Little [...]

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Where Can I Travel With Purpose?

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Our Purpose Behind Traveling Having the ability to travel with purpose simply involves asking ourselves one question... “What is my desire?” As Christians, if we claim to believe in the expansion of the Gospel, and intend to go somewhere with purpose, our desire must be to follow His call and go, wherever it is He [...]

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How Can My Church Serve The Poor?

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POVERTY: The state of those lacking the necessary (or socially acceptable) amount of money or material possessions. Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil says, “The definition of poverty is in three levels: 1.Poverty is the state of your mind. 2. Poverty is the state of your spirit. 3. Poverty is financial mismanagement.” Imagine... Imagine waking up and [...]

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What Can I Do to Help Haiti?

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Helping The Ones That Stay Past Our Time Here When I think of how we, as foreigners, can help Haiti, many answers come to mind. Firstly, I begin to brainstorm all the ways we can help the country that is known as the ‘poorest in the western hemisphere’. Well, maybe we can build then. Hand [...]

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