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Giving towards the Breathe Partners movements helps advance the Gospel locally and globally. Your gifts provide nutrition, church planting, missionary support, development, physical and spiritual care and more.

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We cannot control the timing or direction of God’s breath, but we can hoist the sails and align with His movement by investing in prayer and giving. Our mission is to breathe life and hope into the world. As a boat sets sail, the speed and determination of its advancement is decided by the wind, but the ability to keep moving forward is set in motion by its crew, navigator, and mariner. Be a member of our team and continue to see God’s breath moving and working and lives being changed locally and globally.


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Our core team of givers is moving the mission forward as a crew keeps the boat advancing. It’s because of these people we can continue on a steady course of seeing lives changed.


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These key people continue to part the sea and help give determining support for where our mission takes us. God’s breathe is moving the boat, but our navigators are providing a way.


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A Mariner is helping steer the progress of the movement and is leaving a legacy in their wake. These investors are ready to see God moving in next level advancement.


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Your investment matters and it’s because of our monthly givers we can continue seeing God move in amazing ways. We appreciate you setting the sails!

Support The Refugee Crisis

Stop Doing Wrong

And at a time when the west is reeling in fear and anti-refugee rhetoric is ruling the headlines, we as the Church have a responsibility to respond. We cannot sit blindly by as people die, flee for their lives, search for homes, or live in an existence many of us cannot even comprehend. We cannot let the generations to come look back on this time in history and wonder how we sat back and did nothing. We must engage, and we must act.

The STOPdoingWRONG Campaign seeks to address the social injustices that plague people affected by poverty and injustice. This happens through education, advocacy, and collaborative partnerships. We believe that everyone, from child to adult, deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities that adhere to Biblical principles.

Isaiah 1:16-17 “Stop doing wrong, learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed.” “Give up your evil ways. Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed.”

Will you allow that love to compel you towards action today? God ‘demonstrated’ His love to us while we were yet sinners. To whom much is given, much will be required.

You can become a part of the STOPdoingWrong campaign by partnering with us in prayer, education, and advocating about the plight of the refugees.

Breathe Partners will steward your generosity to refugees through SACC in Philadelphia who currently is ministering to 7 refugee congregations. We are proud to partner with “We Welcome Refugees.” Let demonstrate God’s love.

Support The Breathe Campaign


Breathe Partners has a few current, very significant needs. We are so thankful that God has provided a wonderful setting for us to do ministry in Haiti. We call that place the Sant Mouvman (in Creole) or the Center of Movement.

As the movement continues to advance in Coatesville, PA where our corporate offices are headquarted, we’re excited to be incorporating a new Center of Movement there – The Breathe Center with the purchase of a building.

We exist because of the sacrifice and generosity of God’s people and we thank you for that! We are trusting God to do the HIMpossible once again through this capital campaign. Without faith it is impossible to please God.

We have learned that God plants on people’s hearts a plan and so far, so many have been beyond gracious and generous in their giving. We need your help. Will you continue breathing life and hope with us by investing in the future?

Support a Team Member

Dan O’Deens

Executive Director
Find out more about Dan’s work and contact him on our team page.

Gabrielle Stepan

Administrative Assistant and Experience Director
Find out more about Gabrielle’s work and contact her on our team page.

Stephanie Taylor

Compassion Corp CoordinatorStephcircle
Find out more about Stephanie’s work and contact her on our team page.

Chaim O’Deens

Breathe Center Philly Director
Find out more about Chaim’s work and contact him on our team page.


Jessica Taylor

Compassion Corp Student

Julie Dinkler

Breathe Philly InternJulie Dinkler

Jennifer Ramirez

Breathe Center Coatesville Director
Jennifer Ramirez

Jenna Evangelista

Wellness Coordinator Breathe Center Philly
Jenna Evangelista


Cassidy Anderson

Breathe Haiti Intern
Cassidy Anderson

Find out more about Cassidy’s work on our team page.

Brooke Angle

CompassionCorp Student

Find out more about Brooke’s work on our team page.

Isken Cosip

Breathe Haiti Intern
Isken Cosip

Find out more about Isken’s work on our team page.

Mekayla Deffenbaugh

Breathe Haiti Intern
Mekayla Deffenbaugh

Find out more about Mekayla’s work on our team page.

Alyssa Goad

Breathe Haiti Intern
Alyssa Goad

Find out more about Alyssa’s work on our team page.

Noah Hazlerig

Compassion Corp Student

Find out more about Noah’s work on our team page.

Leah Hill

Compassion Corp Student
Leah Hill

Find out more about Leah’s work on our team page.

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