Coaching & Consulting

Dan’s coaching will breathe life and hope back into your vision.  Dan helps you think differently, get present, and learn strategies to navigate change, mindfully and creatively. When you’re present, you’re better at connecting to solutions, to others and to yourself. That’s important if you want to manage change and accelerate success. You’ll appreciate the profound conversations and integrative experiences that transform your reality into Healthy ORG or BIZ!

Coaching can help turn an entrepreneur or aspiring pastor to become a great leader. Consulting provides that much-needed expertise and assistance.




Personal Life and Health Coach: You can have access to Dan to help you navigate the path that God has called you to lead.  This can include listening, whiteboarding, counsel and helping you break through barriers that you have not been able to bust through on your own.  It is healthy and wise to partner with experienced ministry/mission leaders who have been there and done that!  Inquire at


Can you improve your effectiveness?
If you could do one thing that would improve your effectiveness by at least 64%, would you do it? Studies show that good coaching increases the effectiveness of a leader by 64% and 80%.

Why You Need a Coach
You need someone that has no other agenda other than wanting you to succeed.
You need someone that is trained in asking you the right questions.
You need someone that is committed to holding you accountable.
You need an encourager along the way.
You need someone who can brainstorm with you.
You need someone that listens intently to what you are saying and what you are not saying.
You need someone that helps you refocus and stay on task.

            For Churches

            For Non-Profits

            For Business

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  • Friday Night Live
  • Saturday ‘Seasons’
  • Sunday Preaching (not required but available option)

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Focus Areas:

  • Life and Leadership Coaching
  • Church Health / Growth and Success – Purpose Driven
  • The PEACE Plan – Global Mission
  • Transitioning and Leading Through Change
  • Outreach with Dynamic Results
  • Crisis and Catastrophe – Emergency Services
  • TEAM Building
  • Idea Farm – Strategic Ministry Mapping and White Boarding

Experience will include:

  • Personal touch from experienced ministry/mission/business practitioner
  • Setting expectations and goals of client/church/business
  • Systems, Strategy, Structure and Spaces conversation