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Our Team

Dan O'Deens

Dan O’Deens, Executive Director

I am a visionary architect who is passionate about seeing dreams realized and implemented so that together we can better our world physically and spiritually. I get excited about leadership development and seeing the church multiplied as people embrace their creative side and breathe life and hope into their world. There is nothing that motivates me more than serving the young, the lost, the poor and the elderly.

I have been serving the Lord full-time for over 35 years. I consider myself a ‘life coach.’ For many years I was on the playing pitch. My role today is to train and invest in the next wave of ‘players’ who are serious about winning. My team runs to ‘win’…to win the prize of knowing that we embraced the high calling of God. To serve him with all that we have and give him all the glory.

I have been privileged to serve God as a youth pastor, school administrator, church planter, lead pastor, mission director, business owner, crisis and catastrophe director and college professor. That God chooses to use me to direct our amazing team blows me away. I love my job!


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Dan O'Deens

Jenny Hernandez, Director of Operations

Hi everyone, my name is Jenny, I was born and raised in Guatemala. Last year, getting married to my awesome husband brought me to the USA and God lead us to Breathe Partners.

During my studies in New Zealand I got involved with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ), it opened my eyes to recognize the need for the gospel. Upon my return to Guatemala, I went to Bible School for a year, served in the church as a youth leader and started a ministry with street kids. I also volunteered as an interpreter with missionary teams going to very remote and poor areas of our country. This broke my heart and changed me forever. It ignited a passion in me to work towards breaking the poverty cycle (spiritual, physical and emotional).

Even though, I did not understand the purpose of why I studied Industrial Engineering and Business, now it all makes sense as I can use these skills to be part of what God is doing through Breathe Partners as the Director of Operations. I am so excited for this new chapter God is writing, and can’t wait to see what He has in the future.


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Gabrielle Draper, Experience Director

Welcome Breathe Family! If you are reading this and do not already consider yourself a part of the Breathe family PLEASE join our family and WELCOME! My name is Gabrielle Draper I am the momma of our family here at Breathe. I not only have 3 of my own little princesses but I get to oversee the mothership at Breathe as the Admin Assistant and Experience Director.  I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of Breathe since its first breath in 2010 and it has simply been awesome to see how God has worked in these many years. It began on my first trip and then volunteering to help run teams and do the logistics and planning in our office. As we grew God called me to step out of a comfort zone in my financially stable job to be in our office as a full-time missionary. Man, when we listen, obey and GO when Jesus calls the joy and blessing that follows takes your breath away. If you have any questions and would like to learn more about Breathe or would like to follow me and support me on this Journey you can follow me below.


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Cory Williams

Cory Williams, Administrative Assistant

I love Jesus and I love people. I’m married to my best friend and we enjoy serving together in our church and our community. I am passionate about the local church. I lead worship for my church family. I enjoy photography, almost anything mint flavored, the color grey, peonies, and fall. I’ve always been organized and appreciated all the small tasks that keep things going. My hope is that God continues to use me to serve missionally and to be a light to those I encounter each day.

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Stephanie Taylor, Compassion Corp Coordinator

I’ve done life with Breathe Partners since 2013, when I was a fresh college graduate just saying yes to an international experience. The leadership tools I’ve learned at Breathe helped me identify that my life is spent well in helping others realize their worth and purpose in Christ – and that is what I have been doing as Compassion Corp Coordinator ever since. I believe in foundations of a deep love for Christ, a learner’s heart, and tools to study culture as ways to equip young leaders as the next wave of missionaries in global, urban, and local church spaces. I have a Social Work degree from The Ohio State University and am now currently working towards my Masters in Organizational Leadership through Compassion Corp. E-mail is the best way to contact me but there are plenty of ways to follow what is going on with leadership development and disciple making in Compassion Corp!


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Chaim O’Deens, Breathe Center Philly

Wassup everybody, it’s Chi! My full name is Chaim Joseph, which means ‘to add to life’ and that has become my passion and mission. A couple years ago, I was in a life-threatening motorcycle accident where I experienced God. He reminded me that life should not be taken for granted and that the people surrounding me desperately need the same life I have been so graciously gifted! As I continue to experience God in my own life, I have accepted the call to love people. I am excited to be a director of one of God’s movements in the city. My burning desire is working diligently to unleash an army of truth into the cities of the world while holistically serving people through local churches! Check out more about what God is doing in the city and my life on my blog and follow me on twitter! Feel free to shoot me an email at anytime, I would love to chat!


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Susi Vermillion, Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Hi All! I’m Susi, a mom of 4+ and part of a family that continues to be moved, taught and blessed by God and our calling to serve in Haiti. Our journey began in 2014, and being a part of Child Sponsorship has been an amazing way to still be a part of a country we love, even when we aren’t there physically. I have a passion for all children and those beautiful little faces continue to remind me why I do what I do. I hope to continue to grow our sponsorship program deeper, not just wider. I love the continuing of building relationships and seeing all the changes physically, emotionally and spiritually for these children and their sponsors. Please feel free to follow me or message me anytime.


Brooke Angle, Young Lights Coordinator

Hey friends! My name is Brooke, a flannel-wearing, people lovin’, Jesus freak who is in her third year of Compassion Corp. My love for traveling to assist in different natural disasters led God to asking me the “what if” of living in Haiti. In my three years, the Lord has allowed me to begin a growing evangelical movement called Young Lights, existing to reach the youth in Haiti in the name of Jesus. I am currently working alongside the (now seven) passionate Haitian Young Lights leaders in their ministry and also taking up the position of Compassion Corp Assistant. We have been praying for a fruitful year and we are confident that God will continue to blow us away by His ever-lasting presence and glory. I would absolutely adore for you to follow my personal journey, catch me on…


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Isken Cosip, Breathe Haiti Site Coordinator

Bonjou fanmi! My name is Isken Cosip. I came to love Christ in the summer of 2014 and, as a disciple, was called to serve through different ministries like prison ministry and short-term missions. It was through serving that I decided to move to Haiti and join the Breathe Partners team. I used to work as a graphic and web designer in the Columbus area. I have a foundation in fine arts which grew into a design career. I was an active singer/songwriter in the Columbus music scene, something that I will be bringing to Haiti to worship. God has blessed me with different talents and skillsets, and have prepared me in this ministry and any that lie in the future. As a team member in Breathe Partners, I hope to be utilized as an asset to further this ministry and advance God’s kingdom.


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Joseph Moise Charles, ORLA Director (Respire Lavi Haiti)

Hi, my name is Moise. I am excited to be a part of the Breathe Partners team as the Director of Organization Respire Lavi Ayiti. (ORLA) a registered Haitian organization. My passion is for the young and to see the church multiplied in Haiti. I am in love with my wife Magda and am the proud father of my son Charis.


Jessica Taylor, Breathe Center Philly

Hi, my name is Jessica.  I have a huge heart for helping connect the poor and the oppressed to Christ. After spending the past year learning about God and studying His Word at the Great Commission Bible Institute, I am super excited for the opportunity to move to the inner-city of Philly and use the gifts God has given me to serve those in need.


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Cassidy Anderson, Breathe Haiti Intern

I grew up in Southern California, then moved to Columbus, Ohio (shocked? I still am too) to study Art-Photography at The Ohio State University where I found my home at Movement Church and with CRU on campus. I get excited about graphic design, water, salad, reading, singing, fitness, etc. But more than all of that, I really love people- hearing and knowing their stories, simply being with them, and creating art inspired by what I learn from them. I long to break barriers of emotional distance, climb walls of cultural differences, and equalize over shared laughter, that we might catch a glimpse of a great multitude. Today, I get to pursue that in Haiti and it is a promise long awaited, a better story than I ever could have dreamt! Please, join my journey by following along and engaging with me over any of my following platforms.


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Mekayla Deffenbaugh, Breathe Haiti Intern

Hi Everyone! I’m Mekayla Deffenbaugh and I’ll be serving on the Breathe Partners team in Haiti for a year. I recently graduated from Ohio Christian University with a duel major in Intercultural Ministries and Emergency Management, and I have wanted to do mission work in Haiti for several years now. I am excited to use the gifts and abilities that God has given me to work along-side my team. I will be working with a lot of the medical teams that come to Haiti and I am really excited to gain some experience in this area so that I can continue to pursue options in the medical field after this year. If you want to stay updated on what Gods doing through me down in Haiti, below is some contact information.


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Alyssa Goad, Compassion Corp Haiti Student

Hi, I’m Alyssa Goad! Some of my joys include listening to life stories, laughing, and yelping the best coffee places on the block. I was a CIT in 2016 which led me back to Haiti as a Compassion Corp student in 2017. I am passionate about breaking unhealthy family cycles along with supporting single moms, and I am excited to see how God uses this in Haiti. I also live to serve behind the scenes, whether that means logistically working, or serving in ways people do not always see. I am mostly excited about falling more in love with Jesus on this little journey of mine. Find me and say hi!


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Noah Hazlerig, Compassion Corp Haiti Student

“Hey youuuu guyyssss!” Don’t recognize the famous movie line from the Goonies? Ah well anyways, whether you have seen it or not my name is still Noah Hazlerig and I really love movies, spending quality time with people, and doing whatever it is the Lord puts in front of me. What God has put right in front of me right now is the Compassion Corp program.  I decided to do Compassion Corp when God made me realize, I had paved my own path and made my life plan according to how I wanted God to use me. Upon realizing this I surrendered all of my life plans and gave them to God and am currently living in Haiti building relationships as I work to earn my degree. I am a very passionate person and I look forward to seeing where this passion takes me as a part of the Breathe Team! I would love for you to come alongside me in my journey of faith by checking out my Facebook and blog!


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Leah Hill, Compassion Corp Haiti Student

Hey, it’s me Leah and I’d love to take a second to tell you a little about myself and the reasons I’m in Haiti. I moved to Haiti in June 2017, I had surrendered my everything to God the previous summer and after having my heart changed on an experience team with Breathe in 2016 I felt God calling me to live here long term. I have a passion for kids with special needs and God has given me a vision for a future with those kids in the developing world. I love people, especially young kids and watching the kiddos around the neighborhood grow and learn new things has become one of the highlights of my days here. God has given me a thirst for knowledge and I have been loving every second of studying in Compassion Corp. Feel free to shoot me an email or reach out on social media, I would love to share more about what God is doing in this season of my life.


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