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The world’s urban population has reached up to 52% and is projected to be up to 75% within 35 years. 5.5 million people around the globe are moving into cities every month. That is a brand-new Philadelphia every single month. The world is demanding the church to have a strong urban presence. Breathe Partners is committed to set the church up to win.

When the public, private and social sectors, along with the church, all begin to work together for the good of the city, the result will be TRANSFORMATION. It will transform and influence how we live, work, learn, play and worship.

We work to connect the local church to churches and neighborhoods in the city by:
· Bonding: Provide opportunities for relationship building and connections
· Bridging: Provide opportunities for strengthening segments of society

When you come to Philadelphia you will be prepared to serve the people and the problems of the world. We are bringing holistic care to the whole city.

Come experience the city and empower the local church with us…

  • Liberti Church (Center City) – Serve a growing population of people who are homeless
  • Snyder Avenue Congregational Church (South Philly) – Serve refugees from around the world

Come play a role in this rapid global urbanization. Learn with us how to empower the church in the city by equipping next generation urban leaders.  We look forward to partnering together.

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