School of Ministry –  Accredited Program Path

Breathe Partners School of Ministry is the Leadership Development School of Education.

The goal of the School of Ministry is to equip and unleash the NOW and NEXT generation of local church, global and urban leaders to holistically care for people, producing Kingdom gain.  The course work is designed to prepare ministry leaders, missionaries and servant leaders locally and globally. This extremely affordable alternative to traditional education is cutting edge, innovative and is leading the way in the direction of future education.  Our vision is to take biblical higher education to the front lines of ministry and leadership using a distance education model to produce graduates who are biblically grounded, faith-driven, relevantly experienced, and highly competent Kingdom citizens.

DEVELOPING young and emerging leaders.

  • Equipping, next generation, sustainable and indigenous models… The Breathe Partners School of Ministry delivers timeless TRUTH on the platform of HEALTHY Competencies designed for effective and efficient ministry and mission models and strategies
  • Investing truth as we strive for healthy competencies
  • Positioning and developing a posture of learning, serving and sacrifice as well as leading.  Learning before leading.


  • Students called and committed to mission and ministry.
  • Churches and Ministries aligned with biblical mandate to disciple, train and raise up young leaders… DNA-level commitment, to the degree that the effort is primary and resourced.
  • The only requirement for a student to be enrolled is a commitment to ‘frontline’ mission or ministry!  Frontline means the primary focus of the student is serving in the local church or on the mission field.

 The Mission and Ministry Field is the ‘classroom’

  •  Ministry and Mission Space – Local Church Centric with Urban and Global Opportunity


Students complete a 4-year cycle with a solid biblical intercultural ministry philosophy, high competency in developing and deploying strategic ministry across cultures   and   platforms and strong foundation in the Word of God, with the skills to leverage that foundation in their personal life and practical ministry.  They are field-ready.

Student Outcomes

  • Fully Trained: Teaching, Mentoring and Experience
  • Healthy Spiritual Formation – Exegesis of Bible and Culture
  • Degree – An accredited BS in Ministry with accelerated MA in Organizational Leadership
  • Affordable – Education costs are minimal so as to keep debt responsible
  • Biblical Competency – Through strategic partnership with the Great Commission Bible Institute every student will go through the Bible twice focusing on Bible Survey and Biblical   Theology
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  • January 13 (Monday) – All students start Unit One Classes
  • Unit One of Classes: January 13 – March 6
  • Spring Break March 7-15
  • March 16 (Monday) – All students start Unit Two Classes
  • Unit Two of Classes: March 16 – May 8
  • WILD May 16-22, 2020
  • Summer Break:  May 8 – August 16



  • August 17 (Monday) – All students start Unit One classes
  • Unit One of Classes: August 17 – October 12
  • October 19 (Monday) – All students start Unit Two classes
  • Unit 2 of Classes: October 19 – December 14
  • December 14 – January 3 – Winter Break for All Students


  • January 11 (Monday) – All students start Unit One Classes
  • Unit One of Classes: January 11 – March 8
  • Spring Break March 8-15
  • March 16 (Monday) – All students start Unit Two Classes
  • Unit Two of Classes: March 16 – May 7
  • Summer Break:  May 8 – August 16

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