Is The Church Doing What We Are Supposed To?

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Setting Goals We’ve all done it before. We go into the new year with big hopes and dreams and with new goals, and then we fail to actually follow through and DO what we intended. The reason is simple. We forget and fail to pray and plan! Planning is critical. Prayer is essential! Those with [...]

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Is Thanksgiving Still Relevant?

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What is the Story of Thanksgiving? Most of us live in a free world. By definition we are able to act as we wish to and aren't restricted by much. It can be easy to feel trapped or less than free in today's society, but objectively we have a freedom that many will never have [...]

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Purpose Driven and P.E.A.C.E. Movements in Haiti or Philadelphia

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As a Pastor I longed for a healthy process to see Joe Pagan turn into Holy Joe.  All of us are committed to the biblical mandate to make disciples, but I have found few that are willing to develop a system to get people to make the necessary commitments to get where they desire. There [...]

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Living Like A Bird

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The Trip To PAP One day I had chosen to be the one to go to PAP (Port-au-Prince), about an hour away from home. This trip was for some groceries with just our driver, Wilnec. Only one person could go so I jumped on the opportunity to hang out with Wilnec. Hopefully, I could pick [...]

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Moments of Uncertainty

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Uncertainty... Maybe it is the discomfort of being a minority that encourages these moments where I am uncertain of what to do. What to say. Where to go. And, how to express myself. Maybe it is nothing more than a displacement of my heart from God and a part of His redeeming me to Himself. [...]

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