How Can My Church Serve The Poor?

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POVERTY: The state of those lacking the necessary (or socially acceptable) amount of money or material possessions. Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil says, “The definition of poverty is in three levels: 1.Poverty is the state of your mind. 2. Poverty is the state of your spirit. 3. Poverty is financial mismanagement.” Imagine... Imagine waking up and [...]

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What Is Church Success?

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Return On Investment: Success In the business world success is often driven by Return On Investment (ROI). ROI is such a critical factor to determine where to allocate and invest an organizations resources. Most typically, a business will utilize this in the financial structure of their business. The business will keep throwing money at what [...]

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How Do I Measure My Church’s Health?

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Measuring Health The truest measurement of any church or organization is when healthy relationships exist within and outside of its walls. (Click to Tweet) Life is meant to be lived with others in community and on mission. When the church embraces LOVE and sees people as first made in God’s image and likeness rather than [...]

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Moments of Uncertainty

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Uncertainty... Maybe it is the discomfort of being a minority that encourages these moments where I am uncertain of what to do. What to say. Where to go. And, how to express myself. Maybe it is nothing more than a displacement of my heart from God and a part of His redeeming me to Himself. [...]

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