Are We Really Pursuing Biblical Blessings?

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Earthly Treasures or Biblical Blessings? So often in our lives we associate a “blessings” with earthly treasures. Money, fancy cars, tech, clothes, etc. Whenever we receive something new we say, “God has ​blessed​ us greatly!” This is incredibly far from the truth. The biblical definition of a ​blessing i​s ​anything that grows your ​intimacy​ with [...]

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How Should Disciples Be Content In Any Circumstance?

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God Provides For Your NEEDS So many times we plead for God to give us our desires while he is busy caring for our needs. Then we get confused as to why God didn’t give us what we asked for. And, we use God as a punching bag for not giving us our desires. Little [...]

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What Degree Do I Need To Be a Missionary Or A Pastor?

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It's Not Culture Versus The Bible... Culture might tell you that you need a certain degree in order to be a missionary or be a certified pastor, but the Bible does not. The Bible tells you point-blank what you need to do in order to be a missionary or a pastor. Make disciples. That’s in [...]

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The Lodestar

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The boat of my life thrashes through the waves, the bottom of the sea pleading to pull me down. It's as if the darkness of the waters will move on forever, and even the realization that land exists somewhere slips my mind. What is land when the bellowing waters exist before me in a way [...]

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What’s Your Dream for 2018?

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Dreamer... Your vision is obscured by fiercely falling snow and frozen breath. In your peripherals you detect movement. Pupils dilate. Muscles tighten. Adrenaline shivering up your spine. Hearts pumping. It's a prowling lion stalking its prey, you. What is your response? Are you fearfully running? Or, are you courageously chasing it down? This paints a [...]

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Take Flight

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While working at home, this bird flew into the glass sliding door and knocked itself out. I helped get it back on its feet and off its wing. It decided to stay with me for some time. Then off it flew. Learning to fly is hard. We have to take the risk and jump into [...]

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Joy In The Journey

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The Journey... Evil is gradually becoming more decadent and pervasive. It is so prevalent. Just yesterday, walking maybe two-hundred yards from my front door, I was offered every single drug that I know… and some I didn’t even know what they were. I strolled by a few prostitutes habitually giving me seductive smirks just trying [...]

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Wonderful I have seen wonders. We have all seen wonders. God showed the Israelites many wonders. God delivered them out of Egypt through his miracles and plagues. God guided them on their journey in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. God parted the Red Sea. God delivered their [...]

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Surrendering By Becoming A Baby

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Becoming Moving to a different country is weird. It is stretching. Scary. Exciting. Growing. And just about every other adjective you can think of could potentially fit into this category of "moving countries". Sometimes, it is simply just hilarious. Might I say, moving to our little country of Haiti is like becoming 13 again. At [...]

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