The Urgency For You

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Season of Division If you were to turn in your Bible to the books of Samuel and Kings you would read about a period of almost 500 years when the nations Israel and Judah were struggling with a disobedience that led to an incredible missed opportunity that altered the future of the nations. They split [...]

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Breathe Is Thankful For Your Partnership

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THANKFUL In The 'Little Things' I am always humbled by the simple and little things. Too many times we are enamored with the big gift and the expensive presents. The older I get, the more aware of how small things can make significant change in the world. Tiny things added together can be multiplied to [...]

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Leading Small Things

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Courage To Lead Listening to Lisa Bevere speak, you will hear her talk about purpose - maybe you were placed here to do something that has never been done before. And that could mean addressing poverty in a brand new way that hasn’t been tried yet. But, it could also mean leading your uniquely placed [...]

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Is Brokenness a Blessing?

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Welcome To Reality   There is power in seeing reality; it gives you vision for where you need to go. You are broken. Welcome to reality. Contrary to popular belief, being broken is not a treacherous place to be. But, the world will continue to shove that lie down your throat as it throws glitter [...]

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