Thankfulness in the Suffering

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Seeking To Solve The Suffering When I first visited Haiti I was struck by how different this country was than the one I had made home in all 19 of my years at the time. The people were different, homes were different, food was different, even the smell was somehow different. After getting to know [...]

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How Can My Church Serve The Poor?

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POVERTY: The state of those lacking the necessary (or socially acceptable) amount of money or material possessions. Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil says, “The definition of poverty is in three levels: 1.Poverty is the state of your mind. 2. Poverty is the state of your spirit. 3. Poverty is financial mismanagement.” Imagine... Imagine waking up and [...]

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Surrendering By Becoming A Baby

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Becoming Moving to a different country is weird. It is stretching. Scary. Exciting. Growing. And just about every other adjective you can think of could potentially fit into this category of "moving countries". Sometimes, it is simply just hilarious. Might I say, moving to our little country of Haiti is like becoming 13 again. At [...]

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