The Pilgrims Journey

Welcome to “The Pilgrims Journey.”  My greatest desire and pleasure would be to breathe life and hope into your dreams as a pilgrim on the journey into your beautiful future to align with the Beautiful One. Welcome to the Breathe Community and Family.  You belong here.

The Pilgrim’s Journey is an adventure into the beautiful future where authentic community and relationship happens – not to change people but to provide the environment where change can take place.

A journey into a beautiful future to align with the Beautiful One


We Are Wisdom Hunters

  • To find our life purpose
  • To experience wholeness
  • To invest in ‘soul’ care
  • To move in Rhythm with our Heavenly Father
  • To Explore our mission in this world
  • To Embrace God’s Love
  • To Engage in authentic relationships
  • To Share the Love of Jesus with our families and friends

This journey will explore the Soul Paradigm and each of the 4 season’s of life.  As you journey and reach for the summit you will have found your beautiful future.



(8 Week Cohort)


WEEK ONE              HEART (Emotions)

Character – Your heart is at the center of who you are.  Character is who you are when no one else is watching.  The true test of your leadership has everything to do with your character.  We will explore who you are.

WEEK TWO              BODY. (Senses)

Craft – Your body is made up of 12 systems.  God uniquely shaped you for your purpose on this planet.  You are a whole person, but you are also one part of a greater body of believers.  Once you discover the ‘system’ to operate in this world…you will make and eternal impact.

WEEK THREE          MIND. (Thoughts)

Calling – God is the creator and savior of the universe.  He is calling you into a beautiful future with Him.  We will embrace God’s love and learn to love others like Jesus loves us.

WEEK FOUR            SPIRIT (Imago Dei / image of God)

Change – You were made in the very image and likeness of God.  He has created eternity in your heart.   Your worth is not found in who you are but in whose you are.  As you choose to follow Christ you become a Child of God.  We will explore what it means to have a genuine loving relationship with a Heavenly Father.

WEEK FIVE               WINTER (Dream and Envision)

Calling – A calling can come in the form of a dream, an idea, a whisper, a longing, a discontent, a disruption, a need or a want.  You can’t always explain it.  You often can only feel it.

The threshold is the same.  It’s the gap between here and there, the old and the new.  The future awaits.  Will you answer the call?

WEEK SIX                 SPRING (Discover and Become)

Character – Who are you?  Who will you choose to become?

Cultivating healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual guidelines for life is essential for growth.

WEEK SEVEN          SUMMER (Define and Master)

Craft – What is your unique craft?  What are the capacities and capabilities you need to expand to master your craft and create your greatest work and contribution?

Gifts and Talents are not enough.  The addition of personal, vocational and leadership development takes your work from good to great.   Surround yourself with better.


Transform and Create

Change – How will you create your beautiful future not only for yourself but for the world?  How will you be transformed to change the world for better?

Discover your purpose, your shape and your significance.

On your journey as a ‘wisdom hunter’ I hope your new community will be able to assist you and help you map your life plan designed specifically by the Creator of the Universe.  On this journey you will find wholeness and your very soul will understand how God designed you on purpose in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.   You will learn to balance your soul, your ‘being’ to live and move in the rhythm of your Father…God!

Together we will look into the past and take a peak into the future, but we will focus our attention on TODAY.  The Time Is NOW.   We will learn to be healthy Today.

We will explore as pilgrims on a beautiful journey all the opportunities that God has placed in your world.   You will learn how to love yourself, to love God and to love your neighbor.  You will look at the injustices in the world and embrace the issues that frustrate you when you look at your world.  This is your ‘holy discontent.’  This is perhaps the platform for you to make a mark on your world.  You will have the opportunity to stare desecrated space and engage in acts of kindness and love that will turn that into sacred space.   There is no one else like you.  You were created for such a time as this!

To learn more about how you can take a pilgrim’s journey into the Beautiful Future please contact me at

Join the Digital Church Movement – A Digital Cohort of Fellow Adventurer’s! – Be a part of our Pilgrim’s Journey and enroll in the ‘Beautiful Future’ 8 Week Cohort with other ‘pilgrim’s’ on a hunt for wisdom and community.

You will explore the depth of your ‘soul as you journey through the 4 Seasons of Life.’  You will have the opportunity to continue to be part of that community or take what you have learned and use it for your purpose.

We are PILGRIM’s who journey to sacred places for spiritual reasons.  We are on a spiritual quest in pursuit of a beautiful future as we explore and experience life today.

We are WISDOM HUNTER’s in search of sound judgment that will help guide our actions and decisions.  The journey begins and ends with character and integrity.

We are RIGHTEOUSLY RADICAL in pursuit of becoming more like Jesus.  We are declared righteous even though experientially we are fellow strugglers.  We are thought leaders who think outside of the box.  We are misfits committed to an extreme way of living. We are advocates for change.

The mission of Jesus is the Church.  We are not talking about buildings and programs.  We are talking about a community of believers on a hunt for wisdom and pilgrims on an adventure to explore God’s creation and live out our purpose in our generation.  Our goal is for every member to be on mission.   We are committed to loving God and loving people in that order.  We embrace a presence of belonging before believing.  We are more concerned about where you are going than where you have been.

We desire to have real and authentic relationship.


Relational approach


Laughter and celebration


Transformational not transactional

Inspire, Inform, Involve partners

Outreach oriented

Notice and reward others when they do well

Spiritual growth (be a doer of the Word)

Homelike (we are a family)

Intentionally working ‘through’ the local Church

Promote reconciliation

Strategic Follow Up and Coaching

‘Digital Church’

A biblical community committed to love and peace

breathing life today brings a beautiful future tomorrow

BREATHE CHURCH – A Digital Community of Believers

Breath is invisible and relatively virtual.  There is a new wave and idea called the digital church.  We all have much to learn as we explore and embrace this new culture and era for the Church.

Breathe.Church Digital Code:

We are a body of believers who love God and love People.

We believe everyone was created in the image of God.

We see disciple-making as the call of every believer.

We recognize the Bible as God’s absolute authority on our lives.

We will influence our community, cities and world so that if we left it would be obvious.

We feel the is the safest place to address any subject.

We view stewardship through the lens of generosity.

We pursue excellence in everything so God gets the credit.

We strive to balance grace/truth and faith/action.

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