The Pilgrims Journey

Welcome to “The Pilgrims Journey.”   My greatest desire and pleasure would be to breathe life and hope into your dreams as a pilgrim on the journey into your beautiful future to align with the Beautiful One. Welcome to the Breathe Community and Family.  You belong here.

On your journey as a ‘wisdom hunter,’ I hope I can assist you as a visionary architect to help you map your life plan designed specifically in fact by the Creator of the Universe.  On this journey, you will find wholeness and your very soul will understand how God designed you on purpose in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.   You will learn to balance your soul, your ‘being’ to live and move in the rhythm of your Father…God!

Together we will look into the past and take a peek into the future, but we will focus our attention on TODAY.  The Time Is NOW.   We will learn to be healthy Today.

We will explore as pilgrims on a beautiful journey all the opportunities that God has placed in your world.   You will learn how to love yourself, to love God, and to love your neighbor.  You will look at the injustices in the world and embrace the issues that frustrate you when you look at your world.  This is your ‘holy discontent.’  This is perhaps the platform for you to make a mark on your world.  You will have the opportunity to stare desecrated space and engage in acts of kindness and love that will turn that into sacred space.   There is no one else like you.  You were created for such a time as this!

Breathe Partners has created a platform that you can join to see ‘your’ dreams come to fruition.   You can join us in community and grow with us together and remain in your own space or you can join our platform to make a larger difference.  I believe we are better together.

To learn more about how you can take a pilgrim’s journey into the Beautiful Future please contact me at


A Digital Cohort of Fellow Adventurers! – Be a part of a Beautiful Future 4 Week Cohort of other ‘pilgrims’ on a hunt for wisdom and community.   You will explore the 4 seasons of life.  You will have the opportunity to continue to be part of that community or take what you have learned and use it for your purpose.  Reach out to be a part of a cohort:

In this ‘organic movement of God,’ known as the Church, we plant the seed.   The seed is Jesus, not a building or a program.  We water, GOD Grows!  We don’t plant churches, we plant Jesus!

Making the Main Thing the Main Thing….And the Main Thing is RELATIONSHIPS:

Relational approach
Laughter and celebration
Transformational not transactional
Inspire, Inform, Involve partners
Outreach oriented
Notice and reward others when they do well
Spiritual growth (be a doer of the Word)
Homelike (we are a family)
Intentionally working ‘through’ the local Church
Promote reconciliation
Strategic Follow Up and Coaching