The Pilgrim’s Journey is an adventure into the beautiful future where authentic community and relationship happens not to change people but to provide the environment where change can take place.

A journey into a beautiful future to align with the Beautiful One

We Are Wisdom Hunters

  • To find our life purpose
  • To experience wholeness
  • To invest in ‘soul’ care
  • To move in Rhythm with our Heavenly Father
  • To Explore our mission in this world
  • To Embrace God’s Love
  • To Engage in authentic relationships
  • To Share the Love of Jesus with our families and friends

The Church is a biblical community of believers experiencing the presence of Jesus, sent out as a spiritual family to pursue and implement His mission in the world.

  •  A Biblical Community Committed To Loving God and Loving People
  • Breathing Life Today Brings A Beautiful Future Tomorrow
  • Mobilizing an army of believers to carry out the mission of God
  • Connecting people to God’s family physically and digitally


This journey will explore the four season’s of your life; the purpose of your life; the wholistic person you
were created to be and your life mission. As you journey and reach for the summit you will have found
your beautiful future.

As we journey together it is our desire that you will find a family…a Biblical community. I pray that you will know that the ‘end of your 17 week journey you will realize that this is just the beginning of an adventure to get to know your creator and savior and to grow deeper with your new family and community. You can plug into a local physical Church or engage regularly with your new digital Church community. I pray that as you have experienced God breathing life into you that you will now breathe that life into the people who are a part of your life; your family, relationships, acquaintances, neighbors and colleagues.

Will you continue this journey and invite others to walk with you. You can take this 17 Week Pilgrim’s Journey and use it to connect with the people God has placed in your life both physically and digitally.

Physical + Digital = Phygital

Phygital Church

Phygital is a new word born in the aftermath of COVID. It is a combination of both physical and digital. There will always be a need for a physical expression of the Church. COVID taught us that we can effectively mobilize and be the Church missionally and digitally.

To effectively be the Church in a digital age, we must embrace new wineskin. People are gathering onsite and online. We have much to learn, but the first step forward in the Phygital Church age is to make onsite and online experiences friends rather than foes.

The challenge for phygital will be to learn how to provide the kind of immersive engagements that people are looking for in their church. When people are gathering and living life in biblical community and doing mission together and worshipping God together we will have a model to scale and reach the ends of the earth.

The reality is that we will soon need to embrace onsite and online experiences. The transition will require a level of frustration and uncomfortable awkwardness.

If you have been to the airport you will understand. I want to talk to a physical representative who can answer my questions and physically print my ticket. That rarely happens anymore. I arrive at the airport and usually have my ticket already downloaded on my phone app. If I am checking baggage, I am told to go to the kiosk. But, I don’t want the kiosk I want a real person to engage with. I don’t really have a choice. I type in my information or scan the digital barcode. “If” I have a problem, a live person comes to my aid. That is a bit far stretched for the Church but you get the idea.

The Pilgrim’s Journey is an opportunity for you to gather either onsite in a home or online with ‘franc.’ FRANC is your network of relationships. (Friends, Relationships, Acquaintances, Neighbors and Colleagues)

Phygital Church is about bridging the relationship between a Believer (human/physical) and an experience (physical or digital). It is about leveraging the digital age and equipping the Body of Christ to love their neighbors.



  • Read the Word (Discovery Bible Studies;
  • Pray
  • Share Study and Story
  • Share the Gospel
  • Loving Your Neighbor (who is your phygital neighbor?)

3 Pillars of the PHYGITAL Church

  • Worship
  • Community
  • Mission

THE BLESS Paradigm

  • Begin with prayer
  • Listen
  • Eat
  • Share/Study StoryServe

The way we love one another is the best demonstration of the Gospel

  • Gospel Demonstration
  • Gospel Proclamation
  • Gospel Penetration


The 17 Week Pilgrim’s Journey

(This can be done in a digital format OR in your home group)

INTRO WEEK: Introduction and Get To Know Each Other – Relationship – Commitment


Week 1: Winter (dream and vision) – Calling
A calling can come in the form of a dream, an idea, a whisper, a longing, a discontent, a disruption, a need or a want. You can’t always explain it. You often can only feel it. The threshold is the same. It’s the gap between here and there, the old and the new. The future awaits. Will you answer the call?

Week 2: Spring (discover and become) – Character
Who are you? Who will you choose to become? Cultivating healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual guidelines for life is essential for growth. The Call To The Wall

Week 3: Summer (define and master) – Craft
What is your unique craft? What are the capacities and capabilities you need to expand to master your craft and create your greatest work and contribution? Gifts and Talents are not enough. The addition of personal, vocational and leadership development takes your work from good to great. Surround yourself with better.

Week 4: Autumn (transform and create) – Change
How will you create your beautiful future not only for yourself but for the world? How will you be transformed to change the world for better? Discover your purpose. Learn to ‘Think Big and Outside of the Box. Dream…Do…Disrupt.

PART TWO: A HEALTHY YOU – Living Life On Purpose Your Act of Worship

Week 5: Fellowship and Biblical Community – Knowing Christ
We were created for fellowship and relationship. We have a personal relationship with God the Father and with His Son Jesus. He is the head of the Church. We also need each other. Jesus says, ‘It is not good for man to be alone.’ We will grow together as we learn to live in Biblical Community. Who will you invite into your circle?

Week 6: Spiritual Habits That Lead To Maturity – Growing in Christ
It takes time and reps to build a habit. Healthy organisms naturally develop and grow. We will learn to develop the four essential habits for Spiritual Life. How to have daily time in God’s Word, How to pray and talk with God, How to be generous and most importantly How to do life with others who are different than me.

Week 7: Serving Other and Loving One Another – Serving Christ
If we want to be leaders then we need to learn to serve others. No one desires to be led, but everyone wants to be served. Learn to serve and you become a leader. When you serve like Jesus you have the opportunity to impact your world for eternity. God created you for a purpose. He has uniquely shaped you. Find your SHAPE and Serve your world!

Week 8: The Mission of God – Loving Your Neighbor – Evangelism – Exalting Christ
The concept of loving our neighbor will be explored and we will dive deep into why Jesus said to Love Him and to Love our Neighbor. God is calling you as His agent into your world to reach ‘your’ neighbor. People don’t share their faith for one of two reasons; either they are afraid or they don’t know how. We will overcome these obstacles together.


Week 9: Heart (emotions)
Your heart is at the center of who you are. Character is who you are when no one else is watching. The true test of your leadership has everything to do with your character. We will explore who you are.

Week 10: Body (senses)
Your body is made up of 12 systems. God uniquely shaped you for your purpose on this planet. You are a whole person, but you are also one part of a greater body of believers. Once you discover the ‘system’ to operate in this world…you will make an eternal impact.

Week 11: Mind (thoughts)
God is the creator and savior of the universe. He is calling you into a beautiful future with Him. We will embrace God’s love and learn to love others like Jesus loves us. It’s a new way of thinking…It’s the new commandment, to love one another.

Week 12: Spirit (Imago Dei)
You were made in the very image and likeness of God. He has created eternity in your heart. Your worth is not found in who you are but in whose you are. As you choose to follow Christ you become a Child of God. We will explore what it means to have a genuine loving relationship with a Heavenly Father.


Week 13: Who Is Your Neighbor?
Life On Life: Do you know the name of your neighbor? Have you identified family, friends and co-workers who do not know Jesus, but you would love for them to know Jesus? Who will choose to do life with? We will take superficial relationships to a whole other level. We will learn to live as though tomorrow was our last day.

Week 14: What Does Your Neighborhood Look Like?
Life In Community: In every neighborhood there are homes. We will explore the Gospel Roadmap through your neighborhood. We will start with the sidewalk (meeting your neighbor in common spaces) and move to the front yard, (Inviting your neighbors into your space) to the backyard BBQ (where you introduce your neighbors to your friends and family) and then into your family room(celebrating your neighbor as a part of your spiritual family.)

Week 15: How Will You Reach Your Neighbors?
Life On Mission: We will learn about the God of Mission and the mission of God! We are His ambassadors. We are the hands and feet of Jesus. We are his voice. We have a message of great news. We will learn together how to turn mundane conversations into life transforming conversations. We will understand clearly what the GOSPEL is!

Week 16: Who Will You Invite Into Your Home/Life?
Life Together In A Spiritual Family: Who is your in your family? Who are your friends and colleagues? We will develop relational and authentic strategies to see those that we love come into relationship with Jesus. How can you invite them into your own “Pilgrim’s Journey”? You are ready now to lead a Digital Church! We believe in you!

Big Idea For Each Week: Concept: “ONE THOUGHT – ONE ACTION”
“Moving At The Speed Of Implementation And Relationship”


(Doing the Mission of God on Purpose)

Series 1: 3rd Saturday into the Series
Series 2: 3rd Saturday into the Series
Series 3: 3rd Saturday into the Series
Series 4: 3rd Saturday into the Series

All giving will support personal, local and global PEACE, The Great Commission and The Great Commandment. Digital Host Leadership Team will speak into projects and needs as they arise.

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